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    Tel:0086-580-4162118 4162268 4162368  Fax:0086-580-4162098   Add:Economic Development Zone, Daishan County, Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province

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    News Detail

    The company was awarded the title of "hi-tech enterprise" in Ningbo in 2017.

    In November 2017, the latest batch of Ningbo high-tech enterprise identification list, "high-tech enterprise" comprehensive appraisal enterprise R & D team, technical strength, innovation ability, enterprise management and other capabilities, Zhejiang Ginye Auto Parts Co., Ltd. after the final evaluation, won the honor of "high-tech enterprises" in Ningbo city. Number.




    In the next stage, the company will further improve the capability of independent innovation, build higher quality products, and further enhance the comprehensive innovation ability at the core of independent research and development, play more technical advantages, thus improve the core competitiveness of enterprises, strive to achieve leapfrog development, and make greater contributions to regional economic construction.